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The best kitesurfing spots in the Grenadines (south of West Indies)

After one day’s flight from Switzerland, land in the Grenadines in the kitesurfer’s paradise. Other destinations are also available if you wish to combine sailing with kitesurfing. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Voile et kitesurf aux Grenadines - Petites Antilles

The Grenadines... Heavenly destination for kitesurf cruises.

With a warm turquoise sea all year round, trade winds blowing regularly everyday and a spectacular seabed to shame the most famous divers, the Grenadines are, for us, the kitesurfer’s paradise. Our saiboats and catamarans to rent are ideally located in St-Vincent ou Grenades, avoiding you the long route from the Martinique (around 24 hours).


After a refresh session at the JT Pro Center directed by Jeremie Tronet at Union or an on-shore or off-shore cruise at Frigate Island (Union), go to Tobacco Cays to surf between turtles and rays. Afterwards, sail downwind direction Mayreau to admire its beach famous for its palm trees reaching into the sea. Sail thereafter, at the winds’ whims to Sandy Island on Carriacou, Morpion or Little Martinique to improve your best tricks in this kitesurfer’s paradise. All these small islands surrounded by the blue sea and well protected by a coral reef are an invitation for further underwater exploration where you can cross the road of various turtles, rays, sharks and other typical tropical sea fishes.


Have a look at our presentation video on kiteboard cruises / kiting in the Grenadines departing from St-Vincent or Grenade :

Ports of departure

The departure ports of St-Vincent and Grenade are perfect to take possession of your sailboat or catamaran to rend and start your kite cruise in the Grenadines. Watch out for boat hire agencies trying to sell departures from Martinique. The flight fares from Switzerland to Martinique are indeed cheaper ; however it will take 24 hours non stop of sailing to reach Union from Le Marin (Martinique). We recommend that you fly instead to St Vincent or Grenade. After a long day’s flight from either France or Switzerland, Grenadines will be within reach in only 5 hours of navigation.


In the West Indies, the dry season is from December to April and the wet season from May to November. The trade winds regularly blow from east to west from December to April then a little less regularly until July-August. The ideal period to go kitesurfing in the Grenadines is from December to June. The wind blows hard and steadily from December to April but the spots are relatively full of riders. From May to June, the trade winds blow a little less but there are fewer people which makes the practice of kitesurfing very pleasant. The hurricane period from September to November is to be avoided and is of little interest because of the high risk of cyclone and low wind.


Big up to our photographer Germain for its beautiful pictures taken during our last kite-trip in the Grenadines.

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Croisière kitesurf aux Grenadines - location de voilier et catamaran
Croisière kitesurf aux Grenadines - location de voilier et catamaran
Croisière kitesurf aux Grenadines - location de voilier et catamaran
Croisière kitesurf aux Grenadines - location de voilier et catamaran
Croisière kitesurf aux Grenadines - location de voilier et catamaran
Croisière kitesurf aux Grenadines - location de voilier et catamaran
Croisière kitesurf aux Grenadines - location de voilier et catamaran
Croisière kitesurf aux Grenadines - location de voilier et catamaran



Suggested routes (click on the map for further details) :

Voile et kitesurf aux Grenadines - Petites Antilles

The most beautiful spots for kitesurfing in the region are the following (click on the map for further details) :

  • Union :

    • The JT Pro Centre (spot on-shore) has been launched and is run by the French Kitesurfing champion, Jeremie Tronet (kite school, freestyle spot, flatwater spot). The minimum requirement for the spot : ride upwind or... enroll in courses !

    • Further down south : 2 kitesurfing options are available (on-shore or off-shore). The two spots are separated by a narrow strip of sand. Perfect spot for all levels of kitesufers. Possibility to moor your yacht/catamaran on the off-shore spot under the wind of Frigate Island (excellent shelter).

  • Tobago Cays : natural reserve reputed for its luxuriant marine fauna. You can ride your kite above turtles, rays, sharks and other exotic fishes of the Carribean sea. Anchor your boat behind Bardal or Petit-Rameau shielded from the wind behind the coral barrier. A downwind ride from Tobago Cays to Mayreau or Union is possible.

  • Mayreau : on-shore spot east of Carnash Bay. Long sandy white beach perfect to start.

  • Carriacou : Anchor your sailboat at the south of Sandy Island, a beautiful sand strip where the wind blows side-shore and makes sailing an agreeable moment.

  • Petite-Martinique, Petit St-Vincent and Morpion : do not miss the small island of Morpion with its lonely umbrella. You can anchor your boat just by the side and launch your best tricks above this tiny island.

  • Palm Island : the access is restricted.

Important: do not forget to bring shoes to avoid injuries related to corals or sea urchins ...!


Suggested route 7 days from St-Vincent

  • Blue Lagoon (St-Vincent) - Bequia - Mayreau - Tobago Cays - Union -  Petit St-Vincent - Morpion -  Blue Lagoon (St-Vincent) = 100 MN (7 days)

Suggested route 7 days from Grenade

  • St-Georges (Grenade) - Carriacou (Sandy Island) - Morpion - Union - Tobago Cays - Mayreau - St-Georges (Grenade) = 100 MN (7 days)

Note : the proposed routes are based on a sailing time of 2-3 hours daily at an average speed of 5 knots. We will be more than happy to guide you on the organisation of your sailing trip. If you are on the look-out for other itineraries, give us a call and we will gladly answer you.

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