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Discover the Bahamas on a cabin cruise

The Abacos island chain includes Great Abaco, the main island, Little Abaco and some islets. Together, they form a boomerang nearly 210 km long. The islands are located 280 km east of Palm Beach, Florida, and 170 km north of Nassau. The Sea of Abacos refers to the huge cove formed by this crescent of islands.

It benefits from protected waters and has a multitude of deserted "cays". Abaco, which is considered the second largest island in the Bahamas, has a cooler climate than the other islands. In summer, temperatures range from 26.5°C to 29.4°C, and in winter they rarely drop below 10°C. An ideal climate for cabin cruises in the Bahamas.

Located in the Bahamas, the Exumas archipelago is made up of 365 islands and islets surrounded by a blue sea of almost unreal hues. These islands and islets are home to the Exuma National Land and Sea Park, the first protected national park in the Bahamas. The archipelago now has twenty-five protected areas where you can discover: iguanas, wild swimming pigs, rays, starfish, and a multitude of multicolored fish.) Aboard our latest generation catamaran, you will enjoy the paradisiacal beaches, the crystal clear waters and taste the joys of snorkeling.

Itinerary Bahamas

Here are the details of the route taken by your sailboat and its crew:

Croisière à la cabine - Bahamas

Day 1 - Saturday: Palm Cay - Nassau

Arrive at the base in Palm Cay, Nassau. While waiting to embark, enjoy the Yacht Club's restaurants, pool and beach. Boarding at 6:00 pm, welcome on board by the crew and meet the other passengers.

Croisière à la cabine - Bahamas

Day 2 - Sunday: Nassau - Highborn Cay

Discovery of Allen's Cay and the iguanas that inhabit the island. Snorkeling and relaxation on the beach of Highborn Cay.

Croisière à la cabine - Bahamas

Day 3 - Monday: Great Guana Cay - Treasure Cay

After lunch, departure for Treasure Cay which is listed in the ten most beautiful beaches in the world by the National Geographic! The sand is incredible. You will find many activities and services: tennis, golf, and some stores.

Croisière à la cabine - Bahamas

Jour 4 - Mardi : Warderick Wells Cay - Staniel Cay

You'll stop at Big Major Beach, discover its famous swimming pigs and snorkel in the famous Thunderball Cave. After a drink at the Yacht Club, you will visit the picturesque village of Staniel Cay.

Croisière à la cabine - Bahamas

Day 5 - Wednesday: Staniel Cay - Shroud Cay

Discovery of the mangrove by dinghy or kayak and swimming in the breathtakingly beautiful lagoon.

Croisière à la cabine - Bahamas

Day 6 - Thursday: Shroud Cay - Norman's Cay

After diving a plane wreck, you'll visit the ruins of an 80's drug cartel, then you can fish for fish or lobster with a Hawaiian harpoon in the reef or walk the beach in search of shellfish or flat sea urchins ("sand dollars").

Croisière à la cabine - Bahamas

Day 7 - Friday: Norman's Cay - Palm Cay Nassau

Return to Nassau where you can enjoy the 5 star services of the Palm Cay complex (restaurants, aquarium, casino...).

Croisière à la cabine - Bahamas

Day 8 - Saturday: Palm Cay, Nassau

After breakfast, it's time to exchange photos and e-mail addresses before leaving, with a heart full of wonderful memories. 

Disembarkation around 9am.

NB: Itinerary subject to change without notice, depending on weather conditions and / or technical reasons. The navigation times indicated above are based on an average cruising speed of 6 knots. They may vary according to sea state, wind speed and weather conditions. Our partner reserves the right to allocate another type of catamaran to this cruise, offering the same level of comfort and service.

Itinerary 8 days from Nassau

  • Nassau Palm Cay - Highborn Cay - Warderick Wells Cay - Staniel Cay - Shroud Cay - Norman’s Cay - Palm Cay Nassau


The weather in the Bahamas is practically year-round, and with an average temperature of between 26 and 32 degrees Celsius, the heat is there, so the whole year is a good time to go to the Bahamas.

The high season is from December to April with temperatures between 21 and 28 degrees. 

The rest of the year, the beaches and tourist places are less frequented. The period between May and November is sometimes rainy, but the rains are not enough of a deterrent to prevent you from enjoying the day.

The prevailing winds are from the east at 10 to 15 knots.

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