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Discover Thailand on a cabin cruise

A country famous throughout the world for its idyllic beaches, its grandiose landscapes, its turquoise and crystal clear waters, its refined cuisine and its seabed rich in coral and colourful fish. Embark aboard your sailboat and let yourself be carried from island to island !

In the south of Thailand, the large island of Phuket opens up to one of the most beautiful sailing cruising areas in the world and allows you to discover the hundred or so idyllic islands and wild beaches of the Andaman Sea, the famous Phang Nga Bay and its scenery of sugar loaves rising out of a turquoise sea, a landscape made famous by the James Bond film "The Man with the Golden Gun" and the discovery of Maya Bay, where the film "The Beach" with Leonardo Di Caprio was shot.

Itinerary Thailand

Here are the details of the itinerary taken by your sailboat and its crew during your cabin cruise in Thailand :

Day 1  - Yacht Haven / Koh Nakha Yai (or Ko Wa Yai depending on the weather conditions.) : 1h30

Arrival in Phuket and welcome at our Yacht Haven base in the north of the island. The road from the airport to the yacht base gives a first glimpse of the lush vegetation of the area dotted with Buddhist temples and picturesque villages. 

Embarkation at 5pm, installation in your cabins, security briefing and explanation of the program. Departure to the island of Koh Nakha Yai (or Ko Wa Yai depending on the prevailing winds). Its beautiful sandy beach shaded by coconut trees will welcome you for an idyllic first swim.

At the end of the day, you can admire a beautiful sunset over the islands of Phang Nga Bay. 

Dinner and overnight at anchor. 

Day 2  - Koh Hong (1h) Koh Yang/ Koh Nakha noi (1h)

After breakfast, departure for Koh Hong. This exceptional site, accessible only with the tender of your catamaran, gives you on an open-air inland lake surrounded by cliffs more than 100m high (in Thai "hong" means room). Lunch at anchor. 

Departure for the island of Koh Kai Nai. Visit Koh Phing Kan "long tail boat", better known as James Bond Island, the famous island from the movie "The Man with the Golden Gun" and Koh Pan Yi, a vast village on stilts inhabited by more than one hundred fishing families. You will be able to buy souvenirs and local handicrafts during this excursion in the heart of traditional Thailand. 

Return on board for dinner and overnight at anchor. 

Day 3  - Koh Nakha noi /Koh Yang (1h30) / Ao Thalin (1h30)/ Pakbia Group (30min)

Departure from Koh Nakha noi for a short sail to Ao Thalin estuary. Stop for lunch at Koh Yang. 

After lunch, direction Ao Thalin, kayak trip, in an environment of cliffs and mangrove swamps where live on monkeys and a great diversity of birds. 

Dinner at on board and overnight at anchorage at Pakbia Group 

Day 4  - Pakbia Group/ Koh Hong (30min) / Ao Nang (1h) / Koh Dam Kaï (1h)

After your breakfast, departure for Koh Hong East, it is in annex that you will visit its magnificent inner lagoon, a real natural swimming pool of 200m in diameter surrounded by high cliffs. Lunch and departure for Koh Hong East.

Then sailing to Ao Nang, elephant ride and massage, sailing to Koh Dam Kai "Chicken Island". Swimming, snorkeling in the heart of a real aquarium and lazing on a dream beach shaded by filaos. At low tide, you will have the possibility to cross from one island to another on foot on a sandbank. 

Dinner and overnight at anchor.


Day 5 - Koh Dam Kaï / Koh Maï Phaï (1h30) / Koh Phi Phi Don (30min)

Breakfast and sail to Koh Phi Phi with a stop for lunch at Koh Mai Phaï, nicknamed "Bamboo Island". Beautiful beach of fine sand, and very fishy reef where you can enjoy its exceptional beach bordered by an extremely rich coral reef, the dream for snorkeling lovers. 

In mid-afternoon, departure for Koh Phi Phi Don, one of the most beautiful islands in the world. 

Arrival at Yongkasem Bay "the bay of the monkeys". Swimming, snorkeling, landing on the beach. Then your sailboat will cross the bay to anchor in front of "Nui bay" for the sunset.

Dinner and overnight at anchor. 

Day 6 - Ko Phi Phi Don / Koh Phi Phi Ley (45mn) / Koh Phi Phi Don (2h)

Breakfast and sail to Koh Phi Phi Ley. Discovery of Maya Bay where the film "The Beach" with Leonardo Di Caprio was shot. After 2 hours of navigation, around the island, you will discover cliffs and caves where swallows' nests are harvested and exported to China at a golden price. At the end of the morning, return to Koh Phi Phi Don. Anchorage at Ton Sai Bay and lunch on board. You can then disembark on the island and do some shopping. A walk of 30 minutes to a lookout will allow you to discover a magnificent panorama. 

After dinner, stroll to appreciate the "bolace" shows on fire and enjoy the "Phi Phi festival" atmosphere. Night at Anchorage. 

Day 7 - Ko Phi Phi Don/ Koh Kai Nai (2h30) /Koh Lawa (1h30)

Breakfast and departure for Koh Kai Nai, a small island with a white sandy beach. 

In mid-afternoon, departure for Koh Lawa, walk on the islet, last swim. 

Dinner at sunset and night at anchor. 


Day 8 - Koh Lawa / Yacht Haven (1h30)

Disembarkation at the Yacht Haven Marina around 9 am, after breakfast served in navigation.

NB : Itinerary subject to change without notice, depending on weather conditions and/or technical reasons. The sailing times indicated above are based on an average cruising speed of 6 knots. They may vary according to sea state, wind speed and weather conditions. Our partner reserves the right to allocate another type of catamaran to this cruise, offering the same level of comfort and service.

Itinerary 8 days since Phuket

  • Yacht Haven (au nord de Phuket)- Koh Nakha Yai - Koh Hong - Koh Nakha noi - Koh Yang - Koh Dam Kaï  - Koh Phi Phi Don - Koh Lawa - Yacht Haven 


The best period to visit Thailand in good climatic conditions (neither too hot, nor too wet) is from December to March; the southern beaches are pleasant all year round. 

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