Greece - cabin cruise

Discover Greece on a cabin cruise

Nestling in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Greek villages with white or coloured houses are reflected in turquoise waters that sparkle under an eternally blue sky. Here, everything comes together for a dream cruise. Wherever you go in Greece and on the islands, you'll encounter a majestic culture and impressive natural beauty. Your cabin cruise will be unforgettable.

8-day cabin cruise from Athens

Here are the details of the itinerary followed by your yacht and its crew : 

Croisière à la cabine - Grèce

Day 1  - Athènes / Aegina Island

2:00 p.m. Boarding. 

You will be met at pontoon 9 (place 915-916) at the Alimos marina; After a welcome cocktail and the presentation of the crew, your skipper will give you the safety briefing; Then first navigation to the island of Aegina, ancient maritime and commercial city of ancient Greece. The island is well known for its pistachio nuts, its ports and fishing villages and its famous temple of Aphaea. 

Dinner in the evening on the boat.

Croisière à la cabine - Grèce

Day 2 - Hermione

After breakfast, sail south to Hermione. You will stop in the Kelevini Islands for lunch and swimming. 

In the evening, stroll through Hermione, a small fishing village in the east of the Peloponnese known for its traditional atmosphere, beaches and lively cafés.

Croisière à la cabine - Grèce

Day 3 - Spetses 

After breakfast, you will sail to the beach of Zogeria, northwest of Spetses. 

Lunch will be served on board, before disembarking at the port of Spetses where you can enjoy this island of mad charms, its taverns and walks along the cobbled and shady streets of the port.

Croisière à la cabine - Grèce

Day 4 - Dokos

Breakfast at Spetses. 

Sailing to Dokos, a wild island totally untouched by tourism. A favourite place for sailors, its idyllic anchorages, such as the bay of Skintos, will make your stopover an enchantment! 

Enjoy the snorkeling, the bottoms are wonderful! 

Croisière à la cabine - Grèce

Day 5 - Hydra

Sailing in the morning to reach the famous island of Hydra. Hydra is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. Without a car, everything is done by donkey !

After visiting the port, do not hesitate to criss-cross the surroundings to gain height and enjoy a splendid view of the Peloponnese. 

Evening excursion (1h30) is planned with a local guide to better understand the history of the island and its place in ancient Greece.

Croisière à la cabine - Grèce

Day 6 - Hydra / Poros

After breakfast, morning relaxation and tanning, you will enjoy the joys of swimming and water sports. Lunch on board. 

Sailing to Poros in the afternoon. 

Discover the mountainous island of the Saronic Gulf with its green hills, noisy taverns and fish market. 

Before dinner, climb up to the Clock Tower to enjoy a fantastic view of the Gulf and its boats.

Croisière à la cabine - Grèce

Day 7 - Poros / Athènes 

Last day of your cruise. You will stay around Poros for lunch and water activities. Sailing to Athens in the late afternoon. 

In the evening a small escapade in the old town to visit the acropolis and its archaeological treasures is de rigueur.

Croisière à la cabine - Grèce

Day 8 - Athènes (Marina Alimos)

After breakfast disembark around 9:00.

NB : Itinerary subject to change without notice, depending on weather conditions and/or technical reasons. The sailing times indicated above are based on an average cruising speed of 6 knots. They may vary according to sea state, wind speed and weather conditions. Our partner reserves the right to allocate another type of catamaran to this cruise, offering the same level of comfort and service.


8-day cabin cruise from Corfu

Here are the details of the itinerary followed by your yacht and its crew : 

Croisière à la cabine - Grèce

Day 1 (Saturday) - Gouvia

Check-in at 18:00. You will start with a safety briefing from your skipper, and then have access to your cabin.You will have the opportunity to start your holiday by exploring the old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, built between two Venetian fortresses. Corfu is the most northerly and most popular of the Ionian Islands because of its beautiful beaches and natural scenery, its history and its intriguing architectural and archaeological remains. Find a good place for dinner and spend your first night on board at the marina, ready for an early departure the next day for your sailing adventure.

Croisière à la cabine - Grèce

Day 2 (Sunday) - Corfu / Town of Syvota

We begin our adventure by sailing to Syvota. The town of Syvota is famous in Greece for its crystal-clear waters, magnificent beaches and picturesque scenery. It is also a popular sailing destination due to the small islands close to the coast, considered to be one of the most exotic destinations in Greece, with beautiful coastlines, green islets, long sheltered beaches and secret coves. You will visit the town and choose one of the many tavernas to dine and discover the local cuisine. Overnight in the bay.

In the morning, we will visit the other magnificent islands of Syvota and its superb sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters. We'll head to End Bay which is one of the largest pebble beaches surrounded by lush greenery. Enjoy swimming and water sports (paddle & snorkeling) before lunch on board with this splendid view then we set sail for Lakka.

Lakka is the second largest village on Paxos, most of the buildings in Lakka are of Venetian design and the bay is surrounded by olive groves and cypress trees; all of which makes for a very picturesque setting. Tour of the town and dinner. Lakka is famous for its fresh seafood, so be sure to try dishes such as grilled octopus, fried squid and seafood pasta. You should also try traditional Greek dishes such as moussaka and souvlaki.

Croisière à la cabine - Grèce

Day 3 (Monday) - Blue Caves west of Paxos

We start the day by sailing around the island towards the island of Gaios, where we'll visit the Blue Caves on the west coast, a beautiful spot accessible only by sea. The sea around the caves is bright blue, hence the name 'The Blue Caves'. Gaios is a port town and the capital of the Ionian islands of Paxos. It is named after the saint who brought Christianity to the island. It is a large, charming village surrounding a pretty and picturesque crescent-shaped harbour, which serves as the island's main travel point. As the liveliest of the three main villages on Paxos, there is a good selection of restaurants, tavernas, cafés and shops in the many streets leading off from the main Venetian square. Overnight on board in the bay.

Croisière à la cabine - Grèce

Day 4 (Tuesday) - Antipaxos / Parga

After breakfast and a good cup of coffee, we set sail south for Antipaxos, a small uninhabited island, to enjoy its superb unspoilt sandy bays. The view from the top is remarkable. Enjoy lunch on board before swimming and water sports in this unique location before setting sail for Parga.

Parga lies on the west coast of mainland Greece and is famous for its exotic beaches, breathtaking natural scenery and traditional architecture. It has the ambience of an Ionian island, from turquoise waters and breathtaking mountains to elegant architecture. On arrival, you'll have the chance to visit and find a lovely place to dine.


Croisière à la cabine - Grèce

Day 5 (Wednesday) - Petriti 

We start the day by sailing to Petriti, a fishing village on Corfu's south-east coast. A popular attraction in Petriti is its typical fishing port. The harbour is home to several fishing boats and offers visitors the chance to watch local fishermen at work. You can also sample fresh seafood in one of the many restaurants located near the harbour. There are superb views of the sunset from the seafront, while the many moored boats create a variety of interesting colour palettes against the water. Stroll through the village and admire the traditional architecture and charming streets. Dinner and overnight on board.

Croisière à la cabine - Grèce

Day 6 (Thursday) - Old Fort Garitsa Bay

After a leisurely swim and breakfast, we set sail for the Old Fort. There isn't a visitor to the island who isn't enchanted by the view over Garitsa Bay. Corfu's most imposing monument is undoubtedly the old fortress built on a rocky peninsula with two characteristic hills (Corifes). The old fortress is located at the eastern end of the citadel. What makes the old fortress special is undoubtedly the 360-degree panoramic view it affords of the Ionian Sea and Corfu's old town. Over many centuries, the Venetian fortress has undergone transformations and extensions. Today, the old fortress, together with the new fortress, Corfu's old town and its other fortifications, as well as the castles, are also part of UNESCO's World Heritage List. Visit some of the many restaurants and cafés where you can sample traditional Greek cuisine while enjoying the magnificent views over the bay.


Croisière à la cabine - Grèce

Day 7 (Friday) - North-east Corfu / Gouvia

After leaving Garitsa Bay, we sail for 1? hours to the north of the island of Corfu to visit its famous beaches, Agni, Kalami and Kouloura, where you can enjoy a final day of swimming, paddle boarding or diving in these unique crystal-clear waters, or simply relax and sunbathe. In the afternoon, we will return to our base in Gouvia, where you can make use of the marina facilities, swimming pool, restaurant, bar, showers, laundry or decide to enjoy the last night in Corfu, easily accessible by bus or taxi.

Croisière à la cabine - Grèce

Day 8 (Saturday) - Gouvia

Disembarkation at 9.00 am.

NB : The itinerary is subject to change without notice for technical and/or meteorological reasons.



Grèce - croisière à la cabine au départ d'Athènes

2 possible cabin cruises in Greece 

Itinerary 8 days from Athens

  • Athènes - Aegina island - Hermione - Spetses - Dokos - Hydra - Poros - Athènes

Itinerary 8 days from Corfu

  • Gouvia - Syvota - Lakka - Gaios island - Antipaxos - Parga - Petriti - Baie de Garitsa - Gouvia


The dominant wind is the Meltem, a northerly wind, which settles from June (force 5/6) and can reach 7/8 in July-August in the Cyclades and the Dodecanese islands before calming down in October. The region of the Saronic Gulf is more sheltered and is therefore perfectly suited to the organization of a long cabin cruise.

Greece enjoys a Mediterranean climate. The average air temperature is 30° in July-August and the sea temperature is 26°.

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