Rent your sailboat or catamaran and sail through the Seychelles

Huge granite rocks polished by the waves of the Indian Ocean over the years

Location de voilier et catamaran aux Seychelles

From the tall palm trees and the famous coconuts « Coco-fesse » to the turquoise blue bays with the white sandy beaches shadowed by the luxuriant takamakas : this is the picture that we have in mind of the Seychelles islands : a real paradise.

And this is quite correct ! These islands off the African coasts are absolutely stunning ! A beauty to be discovered after having rent your boat either at Praslin or Mahé. Unless of course if you would rather enjoy the option « cabin cruise in Seychelles » and hand over the management of the boat to the captain and his fleet giving you the opportunity to totally relax..

Among the 115 islands making up the Seychelles Archipelago, the 41 interior islands are the most ancient granitic ones worldwide. The rest (74 outside islands) are of coral origin.

The inner islands, namely Praslin and La Digue are near the main island, Mahé. The various other islands are also worth the visit and you may have a look at our suggested routes for further information on how to discover these islands. An absolute NO-Miss is the Island of Curieuse ( haven to giant tortoises, wonderful excursions and beautiful beaches) and the Island Cousin (wildlife sanctuary where guided tours of 90 minutes are possible to discover the exceptional fauna and flora of the island).


Ideal departure point for a dream cruise in sailboat or catamaran, Praslin is the second biggest granitic island of the Seychelles. Surrounded by maginificent sandy beaches and well protected by coral reefs, Praslin hosts the legendary Vallley of May. This National Park, listed as a Unesco World Heritage, is the paradise of the famous sea coconuts, commonly known as « coco-fesses ».

Do not forget to stop at the Bay Georgette and Kernan in the north-west of the island as well as the famous beach of Anse Lazio located in the north-east.

Location voilier et catamaran à Praslin


Only 20 minutes from the airport, the site of Eden Island is located on Mahé, the principal island of the Archipelago. It is the ideal departure point to visit the area. The island of Mahé is perfect for trekking in the Morne National Park of the Seychelles. The Marine National Park of Sainte-Anne, located 5 km away is perfect for scuba diving.

Enjoy the sunset on Beau Vallon beach or the delicious Del Place restaurant in Port Glaud.

Location de voilier et randonnée à Mahé

La Digue

The Island of la Digue is a must stop place during your sailing cruise in the Seychelles.

We would recommend that you rent a bike with which you can easily tour aroud the island in one day to discover its hidden treasures.

From the main square of the island near the port (good shelter in case of strong winds), you can trave along the western coast till the reputed Anse Source d’Argent which is one the most photographed beaches in the world. Then you will cross the island (count around 20 minutes) to reach the east coast where you can leave your bicycle at Grand Anse to reach Petit Anse and Anse Cocos by foot(around 30 minutes walking).

Location de voilier et catamaran à la Digue


Two opposing trade winds affect the Seychelles climate : winds from the north-west blow between 8-12 knots in average during the months of November to March. The sea is generally calm and the temperatures are warm with a humid atmosphere.

Stronger south-easterly winds that blow from April to October, from 10 to 20 knots, propitious to sailboat rental and sailing. The air is drier and the temperature is hot.


The Seychelles islands can be visited any time of the year. The climate is always good and the mean temperatures vary between 24 to 32 maximum.

The best conditions for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving are reunited in April/May and October / November, the water temperature can reach 29 degrees celcius and the visibilty in the water is great at more than 30 meters down.

From December to February, there may be more rain compared to other months.



Suggested routes (click on the map for further details) :

Location de voilier et catamaran aux Seychelles

The boats (sailboats or catamarans) to rent are located in Praslin (Baie Ste Anne) and Mahé.

Suggested route 7 days from Praslin

  • Praslin –La Digue – Curieuse – St-Pierre – Aride - Curieuse – Cousin – Baie Sainte Anne de Praslin

Suggested route 14 days from Praslin

  • Praslin – La Digue – Grande Sœur – Ile Coco – Curieuse – St-Pierre – Curieuse – Aride – Baie Sainte Anne – Victoria – Baie Lazare – Port Launay – Sihouette – Ile Sainte Anne – Curieuse – Cousin – Praslin

Suggested route 21 days from Mahé

  • Mahé – Baie Sainte Anne – Beauvallon – Anse Major – Port Launay – Silhouette – Anse Lazio – Curieuse – St Pierre – Cote d’Or – Cousin – Baie Sainte Anne – Grande Sœur – Felicité – Iles Cocos – La Digue – Marianne – Anse Lazio – Curieuse - St Pierre – Anse Volbert – Anse Gouvernement - Mahé  

Note : the proposed routes are based on a sailing time of 2-3 hours daily at an average speed of 5 knots. We will be more than happy to guide you on the organisation of your sailing trip. If you are on the look-out for other itineraries, give us a call and we will gladly answer you.

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