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Located at around 110 miles from the South-East of the Côte d’Azur, the Island of Beauty is the perfect spot for a cruise on a catamaran or by yacht.

Corse Lavezzi

Its landscape beautifully contrasted with a turquoise sea and the green high mountains will delight nature lovers. While sailing in Corsica, you will discover its heavenly beaches, the hidden creeks as well as the extraodinary islands surrounding its littoral. Do not miss the ports of Bonifacio, Ajaccio, Calvi, Porto Vecchio or Bastia, essential sites which have contributed to make Corsica one of the major worldwide destinations for boaters. For a first sea experience, we suggest that you choose sailing with cabin or go for the rental of your own yacht or catamaran..

Corsical offers 620 km of coasts, more than 200 beautiful beaches, natural reserves and hilly retreats. Its mild mediterranean climate has contributed to the development of vast green oak forests and the protection of various bird species. The natural reserve of Scandola is a listed Unesco World Heritage site. Different protected species such as the Mouflon sheep and the red stag now prosper on the southern mountains. Other than its natural breathtaking beauty, Corsica is also laden with history. Further down south in the Lavezzi islands, the shallow waters make of Corsica, the perfect sailing paradise for chartering sailboats or catamarans.

If you are a hiking adept, then Corsica is made for you with one of the longest trails of Europe. You will discover more than 40 types of orchids, lichens and moss so rare. Its unique cuisine can give you the final argument to stay on land. Its marine culture is however not to be missed. Whale and dolphin sanctuaries surround the island. Do not hesitate to discover the marine sea caves next to Bonifacio or simply opt for a relaxing fising activity. Fishing trouts in the rivers or lakes is also a local hobby. Diving, swimming, gliding figure among the various activities proposed to tourists on this island which Greeks have named « Kalliste », Island of Beauty.




Landing point for ferries shipping from the continent, Calvi is reputed for its remarkable bay well sheltered from the Mistral. The port is well equipped and located down the famous citadel, a few minutes away from the center. Calvi is not only the ideal departing point to visit the north of Corsica (Ile-Rousse, St-Florent and Cape Corsica) during one of your cruises but also during one of your trips towards Ajaccio. A must-see halting port is the Cove of Girolata.


The choice of authenticity : succumb to the eternal and typical caracter of this well preserved site. Its situation is perfect for the boater to enjoy the best sailing routes towards Bonifacio and the splendid Islands of Lavezzi and Maddalena located in the Straits of Bonifacio. It is, without doubt, the ideal place to rent your catamaran and this way, get nearer to the white beaches.


Ajaccio, imperial naval statio and native town of Napoléon Bonaparte. Reputed for its exceptionnal climate and for its sweet lifestyle, Ajaccio is an ideal departing port to rent a sailboat and go for your cruise down the shores of the gulf and even further towards the Sanguinaires Islands, Propriano and Bonifacio.




Within a few miles from Porto Vecchio and Bastia and on the Coast of Nacre, Solenzara is the perfect departure port for calm and quiet sailing, well sheltered from the Mistral.


In this Mediterranean region, the main wind blows generally from the North-West. Look out for the Mistral which can reach high peaks from the Lion Gulf and create big waves on the west coast of Corsica. Thermal breezes are recurrent in the afternoons, from April to October. The winds are often stronger in the gulfs and on the capes. Anchorage at night are calmer. Water temperature varies between 18 to 29 degrees, optimal for a successful cruise in Corsica. In summer, from May to September, the winds can vary between a force 3 to 5. Depressions from the Atlantic Ocean can affect the weather over Corsica in winter making winds blow till a force 6 (sometimes more) from the South-West or North-West.

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With the increasing demand and need to live well in harmony with the body and spirit, we are pleased to announce that the new cruises Voile Evasion Yoga will be available as from Spring, departing from Corsica.


Suggested routes (click on the map for further details) :

Itinéraires en Corse

We have 4 departing ports in Corsica (click on the map for further details) :

  • Calvi and its must-see port, well protected from the Mistral. The port is found at the feet of the famous citadel of Calvi, only a few minutes from the center.
  • Ajaccio, imperial naval station and native town of Napoléon Bonaparte. Reputed for its exceptionnal climate and for its sweet lifestyle, Ajaccio is an ideal departing port for your cruise down the shores of the gulf towards the Sanguinaires Islands.
  • Propriano, the choice of authenticity : succumb to the eternal and typical caracter of this well preserved site. Its location is perfect to enjoy the best sailing routes.
  • Solenzara, 25 kms away from Porto Vecchio and 15 kms from Ghisonaccia, on the Coast of Nacre.

Proposed route 7 days from Calvi

  • Calvi - La Girolata - Ajaccio - Calvi : 120 MN
  • Calvi - l'ìle rousse - St-Florent - Macinaggio - Calvi  : 120 MN

Proposed route 7 days from Ajaccio / Propriano

  • Ajaccio - La Girolata - Calvi - Ajaccio : 120 MN
  • Ajaccio - Propriano - Figari -  Bonifacio - Lavezzi - Ajaccio : 100 MN

Proposed route 7 days from Solenzara

  • Solenzara - Bastia - Macinaggio - Solenzara : 140 MN
  • Solenzara - Porto-Vecchio - Les îles Lavezzi - La Magdalena - Solenzara : 90 MN

Note : the proposed routes are based on a sailing time of 2-3 hours daily at an average speed of 5 knots. We will be more than happy to guide you on the organisation of your sailing trip. If you are on the look-out for other itineraries, give us a call and we will gladly answer you.

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