Polynesia - cabin cruise

Discover Polynesia on a cabin cruise

Rightly so. Polynesia is a green oasis surrounded by turquoise-blue water and populated by inhabitants whose kindness is legendary. A paradise to discover during a cabin cruise on a catamaran with skipper and crew or in rental of your own sailboat or catamaran.

This unique 11-day/10-night cruise invites you to discover the most famous islands of Polynesia: from Tahiti to Bora Bora, including Moorea and Tahaa, you will visit the pearls of the Archipelago which will reveal their secrets and their splendours.

Itinerary Polynesia

Here are the details of the route taken by your sailboat and its crew :

Croisière à la cabine - Polynésie

Day 1  - Wednesday : Tahiti / Moorea

Tahiti, Marina Taiana: Reception and boarding at 12:00 noon. Lunch then crossing to Moorea (2 hours 30). 

Anchoring in the Vaiare Bay, water sports and swimming on the largest white sand beach in Moorea.

Croisière à la cabine - Polynésie

Day 2 - Thursday : Moorea

Sailing to Opunohu Bay. 

Optional: Ethno-botanical excursion in the interior valleys of Moorea: 4X4 safari on the pineapple road: Belvedere, Fare sale and tasting of local products, discovery of Polynesian archeological sites. 

Afternoon: Water sports, snorkelling with grey rays and on the Tiki site, swimming, kayaks. Departure from Moorea at sunset, night navigation to Raiatea (11 hours).

Croisière à la cabine - Polynésie

Day 3 - Friday : Raiatea

Arrived in the south of the island of Raiatea for breakfast. Morning free dives and walk on a motu.

Afternoon navigation in the lagoon for the Faaroa Bay and the visit of his river, the only navigable one in Polynesia. Then anchorage next to a motu for water sports. 

Croisière à la cabine - Polynésie

Day 4 - Saturday : Raiatea / Tahaa 

Short navigation in the lagoon for the city of Uturoa, morning shopping or stroll to the top of Uturoa. Tapioi for an exceptional panorama.

Panoramic lunch in the lagoon towards the Motu Tautau, northwest of the island of Tahaa. Swimming in the coral garden, walk on the motu, beach, kayak.


Croisière à la cabine - Polynésie

Day 5 - Sunday : Tahaa / Bora Bora

Navigation to Bora Bora (4 hours).

Lunch at anchor in front of the Motu Tapu.

Afternoon, Swimming with reef sharks, discovery of one of the most beautiful lagoons of the South Pacific. 

Night at anchor in East Bora Bora.

Croisière à la cabine - Polynésie

Day 6 - Monday : Bora Bora 

Swimming with manta rays. Breakfast. Short navigation for the Motu Taurere. Swimming and water sports. 

Optional: Tahitian Barbecue lunch on a private motu. Afternoon sailing in the most famous lagoon of Polynesia.

Night at anchor at Point Matira.

Croisière à la cabine - Polynésie

Day 7 - Tuesday : Bora Bora / Raiatea

After breakfast, a 4-hour sail to the island of Raiatea. Lunch at anchor. 

Optional: Visit a pearl farm, guided dives in the mother-of-pearl lines.

Afternoon of relaxation, water sports, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling.

Croisière à la cabine - Polynésie

Day 8 - Wednesday : Raiatea / Tahaa

Morning shopping stop in Uturoa, main village of Raiatea. 

Optional: guided tour of Raiatea, the sacred island, marae de Taputapuatea, botany, vanilla plantation. 

Short navigation to the Motu Ceran. Lunch and swimming.

Afternoon Robinson : walk on the motu, free dives in a coral garden - kayak - beach

Croisière à la cabine - Polynésie

Day 9 - Thursday : Huahine 

Early departure to Huahine Island, 4 hours sailing. Arrival in Huahine around 12:00 am, Bourayne bay.

Afternoon relaxation at Ana Iti beach: water sports, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling. 

Optional: Dinner ashore in a restaurant with animation and Polynesian dance.


Croisière à la cabine - Polynésie

Day 10 - Friday : Huahine / Raiatea

Breakfast then short sail to the village of Fare. Visit of the village and snorkeling. Optional: Morning excursion to discover archaeological sites, fish park, vanilla plantation and sacred eels. 

Lunch on board - 4 hours sailing to Raiatea.

Arrival at sunset on the sacred island.

Croisière à la cabine - Polynésie

Day 11 - Saturday : Raiatea 

Disembarkation at 8am in port from Uturoa.

NB : Itinerary subject to change without notice, depending on weather conditions and/or technical reasons. The sailing times indicated above are based on an average cruising speed of 6 knots. They may vary according to sea state, wind speed and weather conditions. Our partner reserves the right to allocate another type of catamaran to this cruise, offering the same level of comfort and service.


Itinerary 11 days since Tahiti

  • Tahiti - Moorea - Raiatea - Tahaa - Bora Bora - Raiatea - Tahaa - Tahiti


In this region with a humid tropical climate, there are two seasons, the dry season from May to October (the austral winter) and the wet season from November to April (the austral summer), when cyclones can occur.

From May to October, the regular easterly trade winds produce more sunny, well-ventilated days, interspersed with periods of fairly strong southerly winds (20 knots) and cold maraamu. The period from November to April sees days of flat calm, stifling, saturated with humidity. (>80%).

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