Greece - cabin cruise

Discover Greece on a cabin cruise

Embark on board your catamaran for an cabin cruise in one of the most beautiful sailing parks in the world ! We offer a week's cruise in the Golf course saronic. You will sail in the morning, enjoy the joys of water sports and swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. During your daily stopovers, you will discover ancient and modern Greece, you will taste the flavours of the markets and typical restaurants, then you will stroll through the typical streets where handicrafts are within your reach. Sailings are short, often in the morning, so that you can then enjoy the sea, the ports of call and the local flavours. A custom cabin cruise for the happiness of the entire crew !


Croisière à la cabine - Grèce

Day 1  - Athènes > Aegina Island

2:00 p.m. Boarding. 

You will be met at pontoon 9 (place 915-916) at the Alimos marina; After a welcome cocktail and the presentation of the crew, your skipper will give you the safety briefing; Then first navigation to the island of Aegina, ancient maritime and commercial city of ancient Greece. The island is well known for its pistachio nuts, its ports and fishing villages and its famous temple of Aphaea. 

Dinner in the evening on the boat.

Croisière à la cabine - Grèce

Day 2 - Égine > Hermione

After breakfast, sail south to Hermione. You will stop in the Kelevini Islands for lunch and swimming. 

In the evening, stroll through Hermione, a small fishing village in the east of the Peloponnese known for its traditional atmosphere, beaches and lively cafés.

Croisière à la cabine - Grèce

Day 3 - Hermione > Spetses 

After breakfast, you will sail to the beach of Zogeria, northwest of Spetses. 

Lunch will be served on board, before disembarking at the port of Spetses where you can enjoy this island of mad charms, its taverns and walks along the cobbled and shady streets of the port.

Croisière à la cabine - Grèce

Day 4 - Spetses > Dokos

Breakfast at Spetses. 

Sailing to Dokos, a wild island totally untouched by tourism. A favourite place for sailors, its idyllic anchorages, such as the bay of Skintos, will make your stopover an enchantment! 

Enjoy the snorkeling, the bottoms are wonderful! 

Croisière à la cabine - Grèce

Day 5 - Dokos > Hydra

Sailing in the morning to reach the famous island of Hydra. Hydra is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. Without a car, everything is done by donkey !

After visiting the port, do not hesitate to criss-cross the surroundings to gain height and enjoy a splendid view of the Peloponnese. 

Evening excursion (1h30) is planned with a local guide to better understand the history of the island and its place in ancient Greece.

Croisière à la cabine - Grèce

Day 6 - Hydra > Poros

After breakfast, morning relaxation and tanning, you will enjoy the joys of swimming and water sports. Lunch on board. 

Sailing to Poros in the afternoon. 

Discover the mountainous island of the Saronic Gulf with its green hills, noisy taverns and fish market. 

Before dinner, climb up to the Clock Tower to enjoy a fantastic view of the Gulf and its boats.

Croisière à la cabine - Grèce

Day 7 - Poros > Athènes 

Last day of your cruise. You will stay around Poros for lunch and water activities. Sailing to Athens in the late afternoon. 

In the evening a small escapade in the old town to visit the acropolis and its archaeological treasures is de rigueur.

Croisière à la cabine - Grèce

Day 8 - Marina Alimos - Athènes

After breakfast disembark around 9:00.

NB : Itinerary subject to change without notice, depending on weather conditions and/or technical reasons. The sailing times indicated above are based on an average cruising speed of 6 knots. They may vary according to sea state, wind speed and weather conditions. Our partner reserves the right to allocate another type of catamaran to this cruise, offering the same level of comfort and service.


Grèce - croisière à la cabine au départ d'Athènes

Itinerary 8 days from Athens

Athènes - Île d'Égine - Hermione - Spetses - Dokos - Hydra - Poros - Athènes



The dominant wind is the Meltem, a northerly wind, which settles from June (force 5/6) and can reach 7/8 in July-August in the Cyclades and the Dodecanese islands before calming down in October. The region of the Saronic Gulf is more sheltered and is therefore perfectly suited to the organization of a long cabin cruise from Athens..


Greece enjoys a Mediterranean climate. The average air temperature is 30° in July-August and the sea temperature is 26°.

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