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Ideal sailing conditions lulled by the winds of the Carribean Islands

Location de voilier et catamaran aux Caraïbes et Antilles

Explore the most exquisite gems of the Carribean

The Carribean Islands (also known as the West Indies) offer the most overwhelming postcard-like landscapes with white sandy beaches in the south and dark sandy ones in the north. Well-sheltered bays, perfect for swimming and snorkelling await you, as well as authentic fishermen’s villages, warm water sources, a lush tropical rainforest, steep mountaintops, exotic fruits and flowers. Carribean is probably the best destination to rent your catamaran or sailboat.

Grenada, St. Vincent, St. Lucia and ... the Grenadines

Unique blend of French and English cultures, abundant flowers and rare exotic fruits, a rich history of anecdotes and well-rounded dishes: Grenada deserves its name of spice island. It is also the gateway to a peaceful cruise to the famous Grenadines, one of the most beautiful sailing spots in the Caribbean..

The country of Grenada is actually a chain of six islands including Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Grenada is part of the windward islands of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. Yachts (sailboats and catamarans) for rent can be found in Grenada (Port Louis Marina), St Vincent or St Lucia.

Guests can embark directly and begin their cruise in the wonderful Grenadines with its turquoise waters, white sand beaches and swaying palm trees to the rhythm of the trade winds. Visit these famous sailing destinations such as Tobago Cays, Salt Whistle Bay, Mosquito or Bequia Island, famous for whaling in the 18th century. Enjoy the deserted beaches, gaze at the houses of rock stars, or simply grill a rock lobster on the barbecue, there is something for everyone in the Grenadines ... From the moment you dive into the water crystalline, you will find yourself in an aquarium teeming with multicolored fish and corals.

St Martin

Due to its French and Dutch heritage, a double culture has developed in St Martin, where sophistication mixes with everyday life in a relaxed style, creating a lifestyle that is unique to this island.

St Martin is a popular sailing area in the northern Caribbean just after the British Virgin Islands. Renting a sailboat or catamaran allows you to explore some of the most beautiful islands in the region, as well as to dive on the most preserved reefs.

Due to the prevailing conditions in the St Martin area, we ask skippers to have intermediate or high skill levels. Anyway, mixing short distances from one island to another and offshore will delight all sailors.

The Martinique

Martinique is one of the most brilliant jewels of the French West Indies. Ideally located in the center of the Caribbean archipelago, it is part of the Windward Islands, in the Lesser Antilles. Fort de France, capital of Martinique, embodies French culture with style and panache, from the excellence of its cuisine to the elegant sophistication of its hotels, shops, art galleries, theaters and museums.

On its south coast, Martinique offers typical landscapes of Caribbean postcards, with its white sandy beaches to the south, black sand to the north. You'll discover protected coves perfect for swimming and snorkeling, authentic fishing villages, hot springs, lush rainforest, rugged peaks, exotic flowers and exotic fruits.

The Marin Base is easily accessible from Lamentin Airport. The marina is installed in a beautiful lagoon and has all the facilities: supermarket, restaurants, ship chandlers. The Marin marina - one of the largest in the Caribbean - is particularly welcoming to pleasure boats. From there, in a day of sailing, you are in the Grenadines.

The Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe is part of the Leeward Islands of the West Indies. It is distinguished geographically by its shape in butterfly wings. The east wing is called Grande-Terre. Pointe à Pitre, the capital, to the south, is the tourist center.

From Guadeloupe, your cruise will be perfectly suited for a family vacation or a romantic getaway. Do not miss the Crayfish Waterfall, and its refreshing natural pools. For an even more spectacular excursion, at Basse-Terre, walk to the Carbet Falls through the rainforest.

From Pointe-à-Pitre, you can sail south, following a road that will make you dock on untouched islands with dazzling tropical forests. If you prefer navigation to land tours, then head north for an interesting offshore voyage. The Jacques Cousteau underwater reserve, close to the Pigeon Island, protects an abundant underwater life and multicolored coral forests. This marine park is considered one of the most beautiful dive sites in the world.


Cuba is a warm climate all year long, stable winds, natural beauty and a people of extraordinary warmth and goodness. With all these features, Cuba goes beyond the dreams of any sailor. The island also has a reliable nautical infrastructure supported by the government. There are around twenty marinas and nautical centers that gladly welcome yachts under all flags and offer all services imaginable to those passionate about renting a sailboat or catamaran. All the coast and islands off the sea are accessible with one exception. This is the Bay of Pigs (Playa Giron) area, where an attempted military invasion of Cuba by Cuban exiles backed by the United States took place in April 1961 to overthrow the Fidel Castro government !

Cienfuegos is a very charming port city. It is located at the bottom of one of the most beautiful bays of the Caribbean Sea. Its exceptional location and well-preserved historic center have earned it the title of "Pearl of the South", which has endured for centuries. This is where sailboats and catamarans for rent are! Colonial city alive but also industrial city, it has many assets and promotes shopping. Entertainment and restaurants are in abundance in this city where you will be impregnated in Cuban culture! !

Puerto Rico

From the Marina Puerto del Rei, sail to the exploration of the island of Puerto Rico which is found mid-way between Cuba and the French West Indies.

Here you will find everything that nature has to offer : hiking, rafting, caving, unless of course you are happy with sailing under the sun. In this pittoresque background, you can surf, dive, fish… and you can discover extraordinary animals. In spite of its popularity with tourists, the island has maintained its wild side as discovered years ago by Christopher Colombus, a cloak of tropical rainforest bordered by heavenly beaches.


The best months to sail in the Carribean start as from November till April. This is the dry season during which the trade winds blow regularly from east to west making it easier for you to sail from north to south while being less exposed to crosswinds.

The wet season starts in May till August and is considered as the low season with more rain but with fewer crowds at anchorage spots. As from July, it is however necessary to follow very closely and regularly the weather forecasts and the evolution of potential cyclones which take form at the large of Cap Vert and go up the Atlantic Ocean to threaten the Carribean Islands, more specifically the northern part.



The average air temperature is 27 degrees with maximums of 32 and very rarely less than 20 degrees. The sea temperature ranges between 21 degrees and 29 degrees depending on the season.

The Grenadines, the kitesurfer’s heaven

From St-Grenade, Ste-Lucie or St-Vincent, set sail to explore one of the most beautiful spots in the world for the kitesurfer. After a refresh session at the JT Pro Center directed by Jeremie Tronet at Union or an on-shore or off-shore cruise at Frigate Island (Union), go to Tobacco Cays to surf between turtles and rays. Afterwards, sail downwind direction Mayreau to admire its beach famous for its palm trees reaching into the sea. Sail thereafter, at the winds’ whims to Sandy Island on Carriacou, Morpion or Little Martinique to improve your best tricks in this kitesurfer’s paradise. Have a look at our page dedicated to Kitesurfing in the Grenadines to learn more.



Proposed routes (click on the map for further details) :

Location de voilier et catamaran aux Caraïbes et Antilles

Discover the West Indies by departing from our spots in Marin (Martinique), from Pointre-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe), from St-Martin, St-Vincent, Ste-Lucie, Grenade or Cuba. Click on the map hereafter for further details.

Suggested route Martinique – Guadeloupe – Martinique (14 days)

  • Le Marin – Marie-Galante – Point-à-Pitre – Les Saintes – Port-Louis – Le Marin : 200 MN

Suggested toute Martinique – Grenadines Islands – Martinique (14 days)

  • Le Marin – Ste-Lucie – St-Vincent – Port Elisabeth – Canouan – Mayreau – Tobago Cays – Union Island – Petite Martinique – Carriacou – Le Marin : 250 MN

Suggested route Guadeloupe – St Martin (14 days)

  • Marina Bas du Fort (Gosier) - Ilet Gosier - Les Saintes – Deshaies (Guadeloupe) - English Harbour (Antigua) – Antigua – Barbuda - St Barth – Tintamarre - Orient Bay - Anse Marcel (St Martin) : 230 MN

Suggested route from St-Vincent (7 days)

  • Blue Lagoon (St-Vincent) - Bequia - Mayreau - Tobago Cays - Union - Carriacou - Morpion - Palm Island - Mustique - Blue Lagoon (St-Vincent) = 100 MN (7 jours)

Suggested route from Grenade (7 days)

  • St-Georges (Grenade) - Carriacou - Morpion - Union - Palm Island - Tobago Cays - Mayreau - St-Georges (Grenade) = 100 MN (7 jours)

Note : the proposed routes are based on a sailing time of 2-3 hours daily at an average speed of 5 knots. We will be more than happy to guide you on the organisation of your sailing trip. If you are on the look-out for other itineraries, give us a call and we will gladly answer you.

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