Step out of your comfort zone and embark on a Transatlantic crossing

Want to live a child's dream and go on an adventure without looking back? Go on a transatlantic cruise, rent a sailboat or a catamaran and cross the Atlantic Ocean to discover new spaces of freedom.

Sailboat and catamaran rental for transatlantic crossing

Embark on your lifelong dream of crossing the Atlantic aboard a rented sailboat or catamaran.

Voile Evasion offers you the possibility to rent a monohull or a catamaran (including a magnificent brand new Lagoon 450 S) to realize your transatlantic dream.

These sailboats and catamarans for rent for the transatlantic (from the Mediterranean to the West Indies) can accommodate up to 8 people + a skipper.


Discover the Transat in race mode by watching Clarisse Crémer's documentary made during the Mini Transat:

Ports of departure

Our partners propose each year transatlantic cruises from several Mediterranean ports. 

The available boats are usually presented in May for a departure in October / November.  

Departure from the South of France

The old port of Marseille or the area of Hyères / Toulon is the ideal starting point from Switzerland to embark on your sailboat or catamaran rental and leave for your transatlantic. The nearby creeks, Frioul or Porquerolles just opposite offer a small extract of a superb sailing area before diving south towards the Balearic Islands and Gibraltar. You will pass through the Pelagos archipelago known for the presence of large mammals (dolphins, sharks, whales and sunfish in particular).

Departure from Gibraltar

A departure from Gibraltar will save you a week of sailing compared to an embarkation from the south of France. After visiting the rock and greeting the monkey colony that lives there, you may see Morocco in the distance if the weather allows it. All the more reason to embark on a week-long crossing to Tenerife.

Transat depuis les canaries

Departure from Tenerife

After visiting Tenerife and its magnificent natural parks (especially El Teide), get down to business and embark on your Transatlantic dream, heading for St. Martin in the northern Caribbean!

Transatlantique depuis la Croatie

Departure from Croatia

Croatia is a paradise for sailing vacations. Pula, Split or Trogir are potential departure ports for a transatlantic trip to the Caribbean (often Tortola or Grenada).

Départ Transat depuis Sicile

Departure from Sicily

Sicily and the Aeolian Islands offer yachtsmen impressive coastlines, punctuated by gulfs, archipelagos and volcanoes. An ideal place for a transatlantic departure to the Caribbean.



Proposed itineraries (click on the map below for more details):

Transatlatique location voiliers et catamarans

Proposal for an a la carte trip:

  • Brittany / South of France - Gibraltar : 14 days 
  • Gibraltar to Canary Islands (Tenerife) : 7 days 
  • Transatlantic cruise from Tenerife to St Martin : 21 days 
  • Trogir / Pula - Tortola : 35 days
  • Portorosa - Grenada: 30 days

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