Croatia : sail from island to island carried by the winds

Whether you wish to relax or enjoy water sports, visit the natural parks or dance away in reputed international clubs, everyone will find something to make him happy in Croatia.

Croatie à la voile

The adriatic sea is dotted with 1'185 islands off the Croatian coast, making the area one of the most beautiful one for sailing in Europe.

The shores of Croatia and its islands have been created by a spectacular rise of the sea level 13'000 years ago. The 5'000 kilometres of coasts are well protected by a string of islands thereby providing with unique anchorage spots and ports. Romantic and wild spots for morring can be found as well as modern and well equipped ports and marinas. Mother Nature has been particularly generous with Croatia and has gifted the country with incredible isolated bays, beaches, cliffs, emerald creeks, straits and huge open spaces into the sea. Three regions are perfect for sailing in Croatia : Istria, the Bay of Kvarner and Dalmatia. The bases to rent saiboat and catamaran in Croatia are located in the centre down the Adriatic in the towns of Sibenik and Trogir. If you're travelling to Croatia by car and passing through Slovenia, don't forget to buy a vignette (EUR 16 for one week).


Have a look at our video giving you an overview of Croatia :

Sibenik (marina Zaton)

The Marina of Zaton is located at the extreme south west, well sheltered from the bay of Zaton, in the spectacular river of Krka, on the sea route of Skradin and the National Park of Krka. The cove offers an excellent natural protection from the hull and the winds, independent of their direction.


The Dubrovnik Marina is found at the end of the Omble river, in the north of the town, within 15 minutes from its historical centre and only 30 minutes from the international airport of Cavtat. It has all the amenities of a modern marina, the best yachts to rent in Croatia and a splendid pool bordered by a restaurant.


The sailboats to rent are ideally located at Seget Donji, 10 minutes drive only from the airport of Split, at the centre of the croatian coast and a few minutes away from Trogir, city which is registered as UNESCO World Heritage site. This marina offers plenty of facilities such as modern and new sanitary installations, restaurant and bars, outdoor swimmig pool, luggage check services, supermarkets,…


The Split harbour is located 30 minutes drive away from the airport. The marina is found at the utmost west of the port, well sheltered from winds. You can stroll along the wharf to discover the beautiful city of Split and its market. The new Marina Kastela is found in the north of Split, 15 minutes only from the airport.

Our favourites in Croatia

Here is a list of our favourite places during our two sailing cruises in Croatia (from north to south) : the National Park of Krka and its famous waterfalls, the hotel resort of Solaris in Sibenik (perfect for children) and its two small private marinas, a night at the anchorage Blue Lagoon in the south-east of Drvenik Veli (avoid tour boats between 10h and 16h !), a night out in the historical centre of Trogir, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, a little trip via Maslinica on the island of Solta, the excellent restaurants and the market of Split, an animated night out in Hvar while leaving the boat at the nearest marina o Palmizana (taxis are available to reach Hvar), a nice anchorage at Scedro and its tasty fish restaurants, a visit of Korkula and its walls, a visit of the National Park of Mljet after spending a night in the lovely cove of Polace, a walk on the island of Lokrum reputed for its peacocks and wild rabbits and finally a tour of the City walls of Dubrovnik followed by a nice restaurant (do not forget to book during summer !).


Seafaring is pleasant and enjoyable from April to October. During the summer months, the winds blow from the north, at a mean speed of 2 to 3, and very rarely go beyond. The Bora can be quite aggressive however during the winter months and blow from the north. The average sea and air temperature in July-August is 25 degrees.


Suggested route (click on the map for further details) :

Itinerary in Croatie

The yachts and catamarans available for rent are ideally located in Pula, Split, Dubrovnik, Sibenik or Trogir. With or without skipper, sail to the discovery of Croatia.

  • Pula: the Pomer marina offers a wide choice of yachts and all the facilities you need for your cruise.
  • Split : Our vessels are located at the Marina Kastela and at the port of Split (marina ACI).
    • The harbour of Split is found at only 30 minutes drive away in taxi from the airport. The marina ACI is found at the extreme east of the port and well sheltered from all winds. You can stroll down the pier towards the town of Split and its market. The new marina Kastela is located in the North of Split, only 15 minutes from the airport. Modern and well equipped, it is the perfect place to be on holidays. Our local charter will come to greet you at the supermarket after you have refueled your needs and can even host you for one night before or after your cruise.
    • The Agana Marina is also perfectly installed at only 20 minutes in taxi from the airport.
  • Trogir : The base is ideally located in the middle of the Croatian coast, at Seget Donji, a few minutes from Trogir, city listed as UNESCO World Heritage. The airport of Split is less than 10 kilometres away. Transport from the airport to Trogir can be provided upon request. This marina offers plenty of facilities such as modern and new sanitary installations, restaurant and bars, outdoor swimmig pool, luggage check services, supermarkets,…amongst others.
  • Sibenik : The Marina of Zaton is located at the extreme south west, well sheltered from the bay of Zaton and facing the Lake Prokljan, n the spectacular river of Krka, on the sea route of Skradin and the National Park of Krka.
  • Dubrovnik 

Suggested route 7 days from Pula

  • Pula - Unije - Vele Srakane - Susak - Mali Losinj - Llovik - Vele Or Jule - Silba - Olib - Oruda - Osor - Zeca - Cres -  Pula : 120 MN

Suggested route 14 days from Pula

  • Pula - Susak - Dungi Otok - Olib - Otok Vele Orjule - Susak - Rab - Plavnik - Pula : 200 MN

Suggested route 7 days from Sibenik (Marina Zaton)

  • Zaton - Prvic – Baie d'Opat - Dugi Otok - Sali - Talascica - Zut Jelici baieMurter - Skradin – Zaton : 100 MN

Suggested route 7 days from Split / Trogir / Agana

  • Split - Trogir – Maslinica – Bol – Stari Grad - Hvar – Vis – Split – Trogir : 90 MN

Suggested route 14 days from Split / Trogir / Agana

  • Split - Trogir – Maslinica – Hvar – Vela luka – Scedro – Korcula – Mljet – Dubrovnik – Lastovo – Vis – Split – Trogir : 220MN

Suggested route 7 days from Dubrovnik

  • Dubrovnik - Kobas - Pomena (national park) - Mjet (Saplunara - Polace) - Cavtat - Lokrum - Dubrovnik : 90 MN

Note : the proposed routes are based on a sailing time of 2-3 hours daily at an average speed of 5 knots. We will be more than happy to guide you on the organisation of your sailing trip. If you are on the look-out for other itineraries, give us a call and we will gladly answer you

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