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Yacht rental with skipper

Renting a sailboat with skipper is a nice option which allows you to go on holidays on the seas without any prior experience required. The boat’s renter will recommend to you a local skipper who will be in charge of the whole boat and all formalities. You can sit down to decide with him the route you wish to take depending on your passengers’ wishes and meteorological conditions. The skipper will have a sleeping place on the boat and you will need to do the necessary to provide him with meals. You max also ask him, on certain occasions, to take you to the restaurant of your choice so you may enjoy an evening with your family or friends while he waits for you at the boat. Hiring a hostess who will prepare the meals and take care of the boat (beds, laundry, etc) is also possible so that you may enjoy, to the maximum, your holidays.

Renting a sailboat with skipper can be done on any and all or our proposed destinations.

Yacht rental without skipper

Yacht rental without skipper gives you the liberty to rent your own yacht or catamaran and to sail off on holidays with your fleet, go where the winds and your heart will take you while minding the meteorological conditions of course. This option is possible only foy experienced sailers and holding a sailing permit. The laws varying from one country to the other, certain renters will demand that the captain/skipper holds the sea sailing permit, others will be happy with the lake sailing permit delivered in Switzerland. For some, a solid sailing experience is enough..

Renting a sailboat without skipper is possible on any and all of our destinations.

Crewed luxury cruise

Would you like to go on an adventure on a luxury catamaran, choosing your own itinerary and benefiting from a crew specially dedicated to your service? Our luxury cruises are made for you. From most of our destinations, we can charter a luxury catamaran for you and your crew. You will be the master on board and can count on the experience of a professional crew used to a high quality of service.

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Luxury crewed cruises

Cabin cruise

The choice of a cabin cruise gives you the opportunity to rent a cabin onboard a yacht or catamaran. The skipper will manage the boat and all formalities while a hostess will be responsible for the preparation of meals and clean up the cabins. The itinerary is already defined upon booking of the trip but the passengers can, of course, propose certain modifications to the sailing route should they wish to see something different…

A room with a sea view, a crew at your service, a chef who will make you discover the local cuisine… do not hesitate anymore. Set sail on the most beautiful archipelagos of the planet.

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