Enjoy the enchanting charm of sailing in Scandinavia by renting your sailing boat in Sweden

The Stockholm and Gothenburg archipelagos, with their many islands and islets, are natural wonders offering incredible scenery and countless anchorages.

Location de voilier et catamaran en Suède

Whether it's the west coast from Gothenburg or the Stockholm archipelago, this region is a paradise for yacht charter in Sweden.

You will always find the quiet anchorage you are looking for. Take advantage of the custom: every house has a flagpole and a Swedish flag; when the flag is not flown, it means that the owners are away and it is customary to use their pontoon.

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The Stockholm archipelago and its 24,000 islands

It is worthwhile to embark from the Swedish capital. You will first sail along the shores of the royal island of Djurgarden, home to the famous Vasa Museum, the Skansen Museum and the spectacular Gröna Lund amusement park.

From here, you will sail along the archipelago's famous canals. Leaving the modern Gashaga marina to port (unless you started from there), your first port of call is Vaxholm, the region's capital known for its splendid fortress and excellent restaurants.

Continue on to Grinda, one of the most popular islands in the Stockholm archipelago, known for its small beaches and smooth rocks for swimming.

Then on to Finnhamn where you can enjoy a wonderful hike before enjoying a peaceful anchorage. Then on to tranquil Moja, famous for its nature and swimming opportunities, but also for its seafood restaurants and small shops.

The next day, you will head for Sandhamn, which is the furthest island still served by ferries from Stockholm (3 to 4 ferries a day go around the islands in summer). Here, we advise you to avoid the main harbour and stay on the adjacent island of Telegrafholmen for the night (a boat runs every hour). There you will find a beautiful marina with a sauna right next to beautiful rocks for swimming. Don't miss the village of Sandhamn, with its excellent restaurants and the sandy beaches of Fläskberget (to the northwest of the island) and Trouville (to the southeast).

On the way back to Stockholm, you can stop at Dalarö, famous for its kite surfing beach. Then head north to the island of Ägnö and its large bay of Napoleonviken, which is an ideal and perfectly protected anchorage for the night.

A final stop in the pretty harbour of Gustavsberg will allow you to recharge your batteries one last time before heading back to Stockholm via the small canals of Baggensstäke and Skurusundet, lined with splendid villas with a breathtaking view of the sea.

Location de voilier et catamaran en Suède


The city of Stockholm is also worth a visit, and before or after you set sail for the islands, don't miss

- A walk along the Stockholm harbour (Strandvägen) to the famous Royal Park Djurgarden 

- A visit to the Gröna Lund amusement park.

- The Vasa Museum (Vasamuseet): the Vasa is the only preserved 17th century ship in the world. The discovery of more than 95% of the original parts and hundreds of carvings on board the Vasa makes it a unique treasure and one of the world's most popular tourist attractions.

- Skansen Museum: the world's oldest open-air museum shows the living environment, work and living conditions in the different regions of the Kingdom of Sweden. It also includes a magnificent animal park

- The Royal Palace of Stockholm: witness to the history of Sweden, built gradually between the 12th and 18th centuries.

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Video - West Coast from Gothenburg or Marstrand

The West Coast from Gothenburg

Sweden's west coast stretches from Gothenburg to the border with Norway in the north. Thousands of islands line the coastline, known for its smooth, weathered granite rocks, small fishing villages and a lifestyle in harmony with nature.

Heading north, you'll first discover the seaside resort of Marstrand, a mecca for sailing competitions and a must-see stop on your journey. This island, which has seen many celebrities pass through, boasts a rich and fascinating history. The view of the archipelago from Carlsten Fort is magnificent. Don't miss the delicious breakfasts at Bergs at the end of the pier.

Fiskebäckskil is an old fishing village on Gullmar Fjord, which has become a tourist destination with its white and yellow wooden houses and flowery cobbled streets.

From here, weave your way between the islets to the beautiful Smögen, one of Sweden's most beautiful fishing villages. Here, a thousand souls live year-round, at the mercy of the wind and the waves. But in the summer, the quiet village turns into a posh seaside resort, where Swedish tourists flock in search of salt air.

Location de voilier et catamaran en Suède - île Vader

Fjällbacka and the Weather Islands

Continue north to Hunnebostrand, a charming fishing harbour with a reputation for its seafront, restaurants and pretty shops. If you haven't tried the mussels and chips yet, stop at Perssons and enjoy the sunny terrace with a view of the harbour returns, a sight to behold if the wind blows hard.

Then drive along the coast through Hamburgsund to Fjällbacka, a beautiful village made famous by Camilla Läckberg's Welcome to the Scene of the Crime. Don't miss the 15-minute walk to the Kungsklyftan rock, which overlooks the harbour and offers a breathtaking view.

From there, you are only 5 MN away from the famous Weather Islands (Vader Islands - Väderöarna). These islands, shaped by the wind and weather as their name suggests, are a paradise for kayakers and seafood lovers. In summer, book a place in the harbour and a meal at the island's only restaurant, which serves typical local fish dishes.


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Sailing conditions and climate are particularly favourable in the summer from June to August, but Swedes sail from May to October.

Average temperatures vary from 15 to 25° in July and August (with record highs of 35°) to 10° to 20° in May or September.

The water temperature is more welcoming than in Brittany, with averages of 18°C in July and August. And the sunshine is exceptional, with sunrise around 4am and sunset around 10pm!

The east coast of Sweden (the Stockholm archipelago) is said to be easier to sail than the west coast. The climate is generally milder and the sea is often calm because of the islands and the many anchorage possibilities. The Gothenburg area, on the other hand, is more affected by strong westerly winds and sailing in these waters requires a good deal of experience.



Proposed itineraries (click on the map below for more details) :

Location de voilier et catamaran sur le côte ouest de Suède au départ de Göteborg

Sweden's west coast from Gothenburg

Sail along the coast from Gothenburg. Click on the map below for more details.

Suggested itinerary from Gothenburg (7 or 14 days)

  • Gothenburg, Marstrand, Fiskebäckskil, Smögen, Hunnebostrand, Hamburgsund, Fjällbacka, TheWeather Islands (Väderöarna), Gothenburg : 150 MN.


Location de voilier et catamaran en Suède

Sweden's east coast from Stockholm

Discover Sweden from Stockholm. Click on the map below for more details.

Proposed itinerary from Stockholm (7 or 14 days)

  • Stockholm - Gåshaga Marina - Vaxholm - Grinda - Möja - Sandhamn - Bulleron - Utö - Dalarö - Napoleonviken - Gustavsberg - Stockholm (120 NM) 

Please note: the proposed itineraries are based on 2-3 hours sailing per day at an average speed of 5 knots. If you are looking for other itinerary ideas or have any questions, please contact us. We will be happy to help you plan your cruise.

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