St-Barth - cabin cruise

Follow in the footsteps of the mythical St. Barth and the surrounding islands on a cabin cruise

The West Indies are an ideal sailing area to discover on a cabin cruise. From St. Martin you will discover breathtaking landscapes, crystal clear waters and a lively marine life aboard your magnificent catamaran on a cabin cruise.

Itinerary of your Caribbean cabin cruise

Here are the details of the route taken by your sailboat and its crew:

Croisière à la cabine - St-Barth

Day 1 - Saturday: Anse Marcel, Saint-Martin

Boarding at 6:00 pm at Anse Marcel. Don't forget to bring U.S. dollars before boarding - currency exchange offices are available near the marina. We'll greet you with a welcome cocktail, a briefing on your itinerary, and you can settle into your cabin.

Croisière à la cabine - Tintamarre

Day 2 - Sunday: Anse, Marcel, Saint-Martin - Tintamarre (30 minutes)

Sail to Tintamarre, a small uninhabited island that is part of the St. Martin Nature Reserve (30 MN). Walk around the island and explore the remains of an airstrip, a small railroad and a cotton plantation. The easiest bay to reach is Baie Blanche, which is located on the west coast opposite St. Martin and has a beautiful beach. Snorkel, swim with turtles in turquoise waters and learn about this place, where piracy and smuggling once ruled.

Croisière à la cabine - Colombier - Antilles

Day 3 - Monday: Tintamarre - Anse de Colombier, St Barth (3h)

After breakfast, you will sail to Colombier for lunch in a secluded bay only accessible by foot or boat. Enjoy a peaceful moment on the white sandy beach, snorkel, relax or go for a walk along the coast. If you're feeling adventurous, you can hike up a small hill to get a great view of the bay and surrounding islands.

Croisière à la cabine - Gustavia - St-Barth

Day 4 - Tuesday: Anse de Colombier, St Barth - Gustavia, St Barth (30 minutes)

After breakfast, you will head to Gustavia, the main town of St. Barts, for a wonderful day exploring the island. You can tour the island by minibus and stop wherever you like. Discover the traditional architecture and small streets, as well as the luxury stores. St. Barts is a special place where you'll find beaches, upscale shopping and fine dining, not to mention the mega yachts of the jet set!


Croisière à la cabine - Île Fourches aux antilles

Day 5 - Wednesday: Gustavia, Saint-Barthélemy - Ile Fourchue (30 minutes)

You will head to Ile Fourchue for the day. This remote, deserted island is volcanic and has crystal clear water with beautiful, deep visibility. Watch for turtles, swim along the shoreline or walk the rocky cliffs for a spectacular view.

Croisière à la cabine - Île Pinel - Antilles

Day 6 - Thursday: Ile Fourchue - Ilet Pinel (3h)

Embark after lunch to Ilet Pinel. This postcard setting is also part of the San Marino Nature Reserve, where jet skis and fishing are prohibited. Use your snorkeling gear to dive and discover the rich underwater flora and fauna. On land, stroll along the botanical trail where you'll find wooden shelters and two wildlife observation points.

Croisière à la cabine - Grand Case - Antilles

Day 7 - Friday: Ilet Pinel - Grand Case (50 minutes)

Enjoy the day in Pinel before heading to Grand Case in the late afternoon. This is the gastronomic capital of the Caribbean and you'll be spoiled for choice. Dine at a seafood restaurant and enjoy fresh fish or lobster, or dine on board, the choice is yours.

Croisière à la cabine - Anse Marcel - St-Barth

Day 8 - Saturday: Grand Case - Anse Marcel (25 minutes)

Disembarkation at 10:00 am after breakfast.

NB: Itinerary subject to change without notice, depending on weather conditions and / or technical reasons. The navigation times indicated above are based on an average cruising speed of 6 knots. They may vary according to sea state, wind speed and weather conditions. Our partner reserves the right to allocate another type of catamaran to this cruise, offering the same level of comfort and service.

Itinerary 8 days from Saint-Martin

  • Saint-Martin, Tintamarre,  Anse de Colombier, St Barth, Gustavia, St Barth, Ile Fourchue, Ilet Pinel, Grand Case, Anse Marcel, Saint-Martin.


The tropical climate in the West Indies makes life very mild. Indeed, the temperature is usually maintained between 24° and 28° throughout the year. The rainy season is during the summer months, but the sun still makes long and beautiful appearances.
This climate offers swimmers and water sports enthusiasts waters with an average temperature of around 26°.

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