Discover Brittany on a private cruise

A land of legend, wild and unspoilt shores, steady winds, Brittany is the ideal place for a yacht charter cruise on the Atlantic.

Brittany is a paradise for yacht charter and a well-known playground for experienced or aspiring sailors. Sailing is particularly suitable for visiting Brittany as it is almost always windy. 

You will appreciate its fresh and healthy air, its gentle way of life, the warmth of its people and its gastronomy. Brittany offers beautiful beaches, superb natural areas, cities and historical monuments of character. Renting your sailboat and going on an adventure along the coast of Brittany will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience.

Northern Brittany

Discover Brittany by sailing from the Emerald Coast (its name comes from the emerald colour of the sea) to the Golden Belt, via the Goëlo Coast and the Pink Granite Coast. A dazzling beauty, fine sandy beaches, vast wild spaces, rocks sculpted by the elements, turquoise water... Cruising in Northern Brittany requires good planning and a fair amount of attention. Tidal currents are generally strong, bringing the sea in one direction and then the other every 6 hours. 

Your yacht charter in North Brittany will allow you to discover the beaches, cliffs, fishing ports, islands and small authentic Breton-style towns.

Southern Brittany

Southern Brittany offers an exceptionally rich sailing area for your sailing cruise with a large number of ports, superb islands (Les Glénans, Belle Île, Groix, Hoedic, Houat) and significantly milder weather conditions than in Northern Brittany. This sailing area is also ideal in spring and September.

The Golfe du Morbihan is a very reputable stretch of water for sailing enthusiasts. Sheltered from the ocean, this "small sea" as its name in Breton indicates is made up of 42 islands, most of them private. You probably know the largest one, Ile aux Moines, as well as Arz Island, not forgetting Ilur Island. All of them are surrounded by legends and bathed in a unique light. A paradise for sailing and for the eyes, but also for oyster farming and the local gastronomy.


Brittany's climate is relatively temperate. In August, the hottest month, the average air and water temperature is between 18° and 20° C. In June, the sunshine can be as much as 11 hours a day. 

It is in Brittany that the highest tides in Europe can be found. The high tidal range generates very strong currents. The bay of Quiberon is protected from the Atlantic swell by the Quiberon peninsula and the islands of Houat and Hoëdic. The Gulf of Morbihan (Morbihan means "small sea" in Breton) is also well protected from the swell but the tidal flows and currents are significant there. You need to be an experienced sailor to sail without a skipper in Brittany.


Suggested itineraries (click on the map below for more details) :

Itinerary proposal 7 days from St-Malo

  • Saint-Malo - Saint-Quay-Portrieux - Paimpol - Guernesey - Jersey - Saint-Malo : 140MN (7 days)

Itinerary proposal 7 days from La Trinité-sur-Mer

  • La Trinité-sur-Mer - Le Croisic - Noirmoutier - L'île d'Yeu - Hoedic - île d'Ouat - Belle-île - La Trinité-sur-Mer : 135MN (7 days)


Note: The proposed routes are based on 2 to 3 hours of navigation per day at an average speed of 5 knots. If you are looking for other route ideas or if you have any questions, please contact us. We will be happy to help you plan your cruise.

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