Sailing and yoga


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Lulled by the wind, without any constraints, you can discover the most beautiful places while practising yoga.

Voile et bien-être

Your wellness cruise is a perfect combination of sailing holidays to the destination of your choice while working on the inner you, all of this in a insolit setting.

A massage therapist will recommend different activities daily, amongst which guided meditations followed by therapeutic or sportive massages and energy treatments, individually or in group.

These different therapies can be shared either on board or on a beach, depending on the destinations chosen, the weather and the needs or wishes of each and everyone. The wellness therapy will be adapted to the whole group while at the same time aiming to attain individual mental and physical relaxation, harmonization of energies, the inner self and self-confidence.

A clear horizon together with the immediate access to the 5 elements offer, undoutedly, the perfect setting for replenishment and contact with the inner self and the environment.


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Departure ports

Our spa and wellness cruises can be done on various destinations, mainly on the Mediterranean sea.


Board the catamaran « Liberté » for your yoga courses in Corsica.

Free from any constraints and lulled by the wind, you can enjoy the pleasure of exploring the most insolit places while practising yoga. Forget the daily worries and immerge yourself in the present moment of allowing yourself to drift from a small creek to a beautiful little village. We are pleased to share with you this idyllic setting for your yoga lessons which will have as ultimate aim to connect with Mother Nature in order to reach the perfect harmony between the body and the spirit.

The Aeolian Islands

From the top of the Stromboli with its 100 m height, enjoy the panoramic view on the Aeolian Islands, playground to our yoga cruises in Sicily.

Allow yourself to be drifted by the wind from island to island while enjoying beautiful mooring spots and heavenly beaches for our yoga practices.


Every morning, we will take to the beach of the bay where we will have anchored the night before. Your Yoga teacher will start the day with stretching lessons, a Yoga programme adapted to each and everyone’s needs, breathing sessions in a mineral and green environment.

An incredible moment of connection with Mother Nature. This will be followed by breakfast on board. We will then open up the sails with our skipper who will share with us his love story with the Island of Beauty. A meeting of another kind, of different intensity fuelled by the elements present : the wind, the sun, the sea, the warm colours. Hiking and swimming are also possible. We will end the day with yoga lessons while watching the sun come down.

The time dedicated to yoga practices, meditation and consciousness walks will depend on our initiatory and inner journeys.

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