Cruise miles, training, internship and sailing license in lake and sea


The best partners for your lake and sea license and for your mileage and training cruises

We are pleased to present below a selection of schools or organizations specialized in mileage cruises, sea courses or lake and sea license.

Formation permis mer voile RYA

Lake license, sea license and cruising miles, get the full experience before launching yourself as a skipper and rent your sailboat or catamaran on the most beautiful seas of the world.

There are several ways to become a certified skipper and be able to go on private cruises by renting your own sailboat or catamaran

First of all, you should know that a sailing license is not mandatory everywhere. In some regions (notably France and the West Indies), the Swiss sailing license (lake license, category D, sailboats of more than 15m2) accompanied by a good nautical experience can be sufficient. This can also be the case in other countries depending on the level of requirement of our partners. Do not hesitate to send us a copy of your lake permit with your rental request if you are interested and we will be happy to inquire for you.

This Swiss sailing license can be obtained after passing the theoretical exam and validating a dozen sailing courses in an approved Swiss school. The theoretical exam is identical for motorboats and sailboats.

Commonly referred to as the sea licence, the "Swiss certificate of competency to drive yachts at sea" is issued by the Federal Office of Maritime Navigation and is internationally recognized. In order to obtain this precious sesame, you will first have to follow a theoretical training of about fifteen courses given by the different regional branches of the Swiss Cruising Club. After passing the theoretical exam, you will have to take a first aid course, a visual and hearing test and prove that you have sailed at least 1'000 nautical miles.

Formation permis mer voile RYA avec Safe-Sailing

Another internationally recognized certification is the RYA (Royal Yachting Association) day skipper/coastal skipper certificates, which will allow you to charter a yacht in almost any country. The RYA centers provide theoretical and practical training leading to recognized certificates. There are several levels of certification ranging from competent crew, day skipper, coastal skipper and yachtmaster.

In order to charter your sailboat or catamaran in certain destinations (such as Croatia or Spain), the VHF license (SRC "Short Range Certificate") is mandatory. It can be obtained from several organizations in Switzerland for a few hours of group or individual training and an exam.

Finally, the mileage cruises or other training courses will allow you to gain essential nautical experience. They are supervised by professional skippers who will give you precious advice throughout your training week.



Discover our video presentation of the RYA license:

Obtaining the international sea license from Switzerland

Here are the two organizations we recommend to take your international sea license from Switzerland.

Cruising Club Suisse (CCS)

The different regional branches of the Cruising Club Switzerland (CCS) organize various training courses and mileage cruises that are very useful for your skipper training.

Among these, let's mention those aiming at obtaining the sea permit (certificate of competence for driving yachts at sea), the VHF license (restricted operator's certificate for pleasure boating SRC or LRC), first aid at sea or various more technical trainings (diesel engine, dinghy engine, radar, electricity, cooking, etc.)

The CCS has its own fleet of sailboats, and they also offer multiple mileage cruises or various training courses (maneuvers, offshore cruises, beaching, engine, etc.)

Royal Yacht Association (RYA)

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) is the UK's national watersports federation. It issues sailing certificates that are recognized worldwide.

Based in Kiel in the north of Germany (accessible by train from Switzerland in about 10 hours), our partner Safe-Sailing offers theoretical training (including the SRC radio certificate) and practical training at all levels - from competent crew members to professional skippers (MCA/RYA Yachtmaster). 

He will also be happy to share his extensive sailing experience during mileage and training cruises that will take you to the Baltic Sea between the southern islands of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. An opportunity to sail safely while enjoying the idyllic scenery.

Obtaining the Swiss sailing license

You will find below our trusted partners to get your Swiss sailing license (category D).

Ecole de voile d'Ouchy

Created in 1993, the Ecole de voile d'Ouchy, managed by Alexandre Girardet, provides multiple training courses to its students.

From the lake license (sailing and motor) to VHF courses, first aid and sea license, the school also offers training courses at sea as well as boat-sharing through its new Nauti-Club platform.

Ecole de voile d'Ouchy

Léman sur mer

Managed by Alain Fallot, the sailing school Léman sur mer offers courses to obtain the sailing license (D) and the motor license (A). The school also offers surprise rentals (7m65 for 6 people), team bulding or mileage cruises at sea.


Ecole de voile Léman sur mer

Ecole de voile d'Hauterive

Since 1992, Roger Bosshard's Hauterive Sailing School offers training courses to obtain the sailing and motor licenses in French, Swiss-German, German and English. It also acts as an expert for practical sailing exams.

The school also provides its clients with 3 sailing boats for rent, to be rented for the day, the weekend or the week to discover the most beautiful anchorages and harbors of the lake of Neuchâtel.

Ecole de voile d'Hauterive - location voiliers Neuchâtel

Obateau in Auvernier

Alexandre Mitev and the obateau instructors offer you a unique education for practical nautical training in Motor and Sailing - category A and D - in Auvernier.

Centre de formation nautique de Neuchâtel

Le Centre de formation nautique (CFN) of Tanguy Ducommun offers you training courses to obtain your motor and sailing licenses. 

The school also offers cruising courses at sea as well as the rental of sailing and motor boats.

Centre de formation nautique Neuchâtel - permis lac

Mileage cruises - training and courses at sea

Voile Evasion has a large network of trusted partners for your mileage cruises and other training courses at sea.

Our partners welcome you for courses in Brittany, Normandy, the south of France and Corsica, just a few hours drive or train ride from Switzerland. Our network of sailing schools specialized in nautical training also takes you to Spain, the Balearic Islands, Greece, Croatia or Italy.

Among the sailboats on which you will be able to sail are Pogo 12.5, 30, 36, RM 1180, TS 42, Dufour 40 or 45, Sun Fast 37, Gib Sea 128 or 442.

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