Welcome to Indonesia : with its 17'000 islands, it is paradise for the chartering a yacht or go for scuba diving.

Nothing compares to the diversity, the density and the quality of the corals and marine fauna of Indonesia. Un incredible sailtrip to do by renting your yacht or catamaran.

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Indonesia… dream destination for yacht rental and scuba diving

Amazing and unique… a country composed of 17'000 islands, of seas, lagoons, volcanos, where the fauna and fauna have evolved exponentially to make this archipelago one of the most incredible pools of biodiversity in the world.

Indonesia is one of the biggest archipelago in the world.

A cabin cruise or a scuba diving cruise on a catamaran to rentwill bring you to Lombok starting from Serangan. Lombok is a charming island, original and authentic. Located in the east of Bali, this island paradise offers sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons, warm sea all year long, and beautiful bays ideal for swimming. The essence of the island is still preserved today, with its waterfalls, rice paddies and picturesque villages.

Bali and the Gili islands

Departing from Serangan, your cabin cruise takes you on a first night at anchor off Sanur. The next day, departure for Nusa Lembongan to enjoy the mangrove for a nice snorkeling. Then get up early to reach the Gili Islands, 3 small islands with white beaches, lined with coconut trees and turquoise waters. On site, it is possible to visit the sanctuary of turtles and its small pools on the beach, teeming with baby turtles. The underwater life of the Gilis, surrounded by coral reefs, is multicolored and populated by turtles, clown fish and countless very colorful species. Departure for Gili Mone for a beautiful snorkeling site: coral and fish galore. West of Lombok, Senggigi Lombok is a unique blend of Balinese, Chinese and Arabic influences. Drive to Nusa Penida (Crystal Bay), a beautiful beach on the north coast of the island of Nusa Penida. Time seems to have stopped there, the population still lives there according to its secular traditions. The afternoon takes place in the serenity of this small bay with crystal clear waters, the white sand beach is one of the most beautiful in Bali, and one of the best snorkeling spots.


After breakfast, departure for "Manta Point" snorkeling with Manta rays. Then, set sail for Mushroom Bay, so-called (Mushroom Bay) because of the shape of the corals, and known for its bright, crescent-shaped white sand beach.

The Moluccas Sea

Lesser known, the seas of Halmahera, Buru, Obi and Seram have an incredible topography and a strong concentration of marine life beyond what could have been expected. Crowds of sardines runs cross the roads of schools of Mobusa. Volcanos, caves, dropoffs and lagoons of black sand are the homes of the most beautiful kaleidoscope of marine life that you could ever have seen : rare and reputed macro fauda in the region of Ambon, giant sponges and alcyoniums at Pulau Pisang, reef sharks and rays in the Strait of Pantiti, magnificent corals at Pulau Goraici and Terumbu Gora. Great coral gardens and magnificent vertical drop offs at Tifore will make your diving experience in the Sea of Moluccas a thrilling and unforgettable one.


Cabin cruises are possible all year long, some depending on the itinerary of the boat.

Equatorial type, the Indonesian climate is hot and humid, with a rainy season between October and April during which the humidity can reach 75%. The hot, wet season peaks in January / February. Visit Indonesia is obviously more pleasant during the dry season, between May and October. Bali is also very popular in January. Indonesians play tourists for their part in June / July, when tourist resorts are stormed. So prefer May and June or September if you want to enjoy the best conditions.



Here is our sailing route from mid-september to mid-July (click on the map for further details) :

Voile et plongée en Indonésie

Looking for the most beautiful scuba dives in Indonesia :

  • September : Komodo, Alo, Maumere

  • October : Banda Sea, the forgotten islands, Ambon, Kaimana

  • November : Seram, Moluccas and Papua New Guinea

  • December : Raja Ampat and Triton Bay

  • January to April : Sorong, Manokwari, Kaimana, Ambon

  • May to July : Maumere, Labuan Bajo, Bali


Note : the proposed routes are based on a sailing time of 2-3 hours daily at an average speed of 5 knots. We will be more than happy to guide you on the organisation of your sailing trip. If you are on the look-out for other itineraries, give us a call and we will gladly answer you.

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